How to pair your Jabra Headset to your phone

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Before you can start to use your Jabra Bluetooth Headset or Bluetooth Car Kit you will need to pair it with your phone. Pairing is the name of the process that allows your phone to find and connect with another Bluetooth device. In order to pair your devices you will need to put your headset into pairing mode and enter a passkey.
For detailed instructions on how to pair your Jabra Bluetooth Headset or Car Kit, select your device from the list below.

Apologies in advance for how badly laid out this post is – I’ve moved from a self hosted blog to a wordpress blog and can’t lay it out how i’d like at the moment.. will try and get round to tidying it up soon.

This will take you to the Jabra Pairing website and guide you through how to get your devices working. If you can’t see your phone listed on the second stage, select the closest available model.

Stereo Bluetooth Headsets:

Bluetooth Car Kits:


10 responses to “How to pair your Jabra Headset to your phone

  1. Hi ya, I have a Jabra BT150. I am not sure on how to pair it to my Nokia 6500 Classic. I think that I need to press 2 buttons to activate the Bluetooth but not sure. Please can you advise….many thanks

  2. Martin: It take it you can’t get it into paring mode… have you tried:

    1) Jabra must be ‘on’ instead of ‘off’.
    2) Then press ‘+’ and ‘on’ button till blue light stays on.

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  4. Have tried to pair my jabra sp5050 with my nokia 6500 classic. Have my bluetooth on and jabra in pairing mode but it can’t find the device? Help please!

  5. Hi Charlotte,
    Once you’ve turned Bluetooth on on your phone, you can try going to “paired devices” then choose add new device, you’ll then be able to do a search and find the carkit. If it’s not finding it, it might be that the Jabra isn’t in pairing mode. Is the red light on the Jabra on constantly and the blue one flashing?

  6. I have a jabra bt200 and a nokia n95, both have been working ok but suddenly the jabra won’t connect with the phone, I have tried reconnecting them but the phone can’t connect with the jabra, please help. I don’t know what else to do.

  7. Hi Jayne, have you tried deleting the pairing off your phone (delete the BT200), turn off bluetooth, turn your phone off and back on again. Turn the Jabra off and back on again too, then go back into bluetooth devices and search/add it again. If it pairs ok, go to your list of bluetooth devices, select the bt200 and you should see an options button – press that and you should see an option to let this device connect automatically. Make sure this is on/ticked.

    That should reset the pairing and should work ok.. let me know how you get on.

  8. Antony Mckenzie

    I have bought a second hand jabra bt 200A
    and dont know how to A- TURN IT ON
    B- pair it to my LG KF600

  9. Hi Antony,

    The BT200 has been discontinued for a while now and I can’t find a user guide online for you.

    Normally to turn a headset on or off its a case of holding the answer button or the largest button on the headset down for around 2-3 seconds till the lights flash. To put it in pairing mode, you normally just hold the button down for about 10-15 seconds

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