Which 3G Antenna do I need?

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Visit unofficialmobileblog.co.uk for the latest posts

The table below shows the current 3G Broadband Dongles and the Antennas that are available. If you aren’t sure which dongle you have, my post on how to boost your 3G signal will show you where to find this information.

There are two different types of antenna available. The standard Clip Antenna is designed to be a portable solution that clips onto the screen on your laptop or sits on your desk. It is omni-directional, which means that it will pick up signals from all directions. The High Gain 3G Directional Antenna is a more powerful signal booster. It is directional, which means that you will need to point this towards your networks transmitter in order for it to improve the signal. The High Gain antenna when positioned correctly will make a significant difference to the signal you receive, and can be wall mounted as a permanent fixture.

To find your dongle quickly, press “ctrl” and “f” on your keyboard, and then type in the model number of your dongle excluding the manufacturer or network eg: E160G to search this page. If your dongle is not listed here, don’t worry, this is only a snapshot of the most popular dongles.

If you still can’t find your dongle, please add a comment with the network, dongle make and model number and I’ll find out which antenna you need and add it to the list alternatively the Universal antenna will work with all USB modems.

Clip Antenna or High Gain Antenna – Universal Connection
Make Model Make Model
3 MF622 Huawei E166
3 MF627 Huawei E169G
3 E169G Huawei E170
3 E220 Huawei E172
BT E170 Huawei E176
BT E180 Huawei E180
Huawei K3250 Huawei E216
Huawei K3565 Huawei E219
O2 USB Stick Huawei E220
Option 225 Huawei E230
Option 510 Huawei E270
Option Icon Huawei E510
Orange Icon T-Mobile 510
Orange MF330 T-Mobile 530
Orange 225 T-Mobile E110
Vodafone E172 T-Mobile E170
Vodafone USB Stick T-Mobile E220
Vodafone USB Stick Lite ZTE MF330
Vodafone K3520 ZTE MF622
Vodafone K3760 ZTE MF627
Vodafone E270 Sierra Wireless 875U
Clip Antenna or High Gain Antenna – CRC9 Connection
Make Model Make Model
3 E156G O2 E169
3 E160G Orange E160
3 E169 T-Mobile E160
Huawei E156G Virgin E160
Huawei E160 Vodafone E620
Huawei E160G
Huawei E169
Huawei E620
Clip Antenna or High Gain Antenna – SSMB Connection
Make Model Make Model
Huawei E800 Sierra Wireless 880E
O2 880 Sierra Wireless 880
O2 880E Vodafone E800
Clip Antenna RMCP Connection
Make Model Make Model
Option Data Card Orange GT Max
Option Express Card Vodafone Data Card
Option GT Max Vodafone Express Card
Clip Antenna  R151N Connection
Make Model Make Model
Novatel U630 Vodafone X950D
Novatel X950D Vodafone U630
Clip Antenna TS9 Connection
Make Model Make Model
O2 Compass 597 Sierra Wireless 888


60 responses to “Which 3G Antenna do I need?

  1. I have the huawei model ec 168 do u have an antenna for this.

  2. Hi Grant,

    Our supplier doesn’t have the E168 listed yet so can you have a look and see if there is a connector for an antenna anywhere on the dongle?

    If there isn’t you’ll need the universal one. If there is, let me know which network you’re on and I’ll try and track it down for you.


  3. Hi Andy,
    Please advice if a clip on antenna should be sufficient or high gain is needed. I live in London about 10 min walk from the next o2 mast (shared w. Voda & 3) just behind a tiny hill, I am so O2 website in a good coverage area. I get just above half the time a ‘very low’ hsdpa signal (i find the speed ok), rest of time gprs (which is too slow to deal with my e-mails).
    – I like to ensure that I have 90%+ of time a hsdpa signal. (I sit most of the time with my laptop next to the window, but like to sometimes move into the room.) – If I take a high gain ant. how much speed difference can I usually gain by moving the hsdpa ‘very low’ to eg. low or good. – Will adjusting the direct. High gain ant. when moving around take much time or is the approx. direction with or with out wall the same? – Also do directional antennas suffer when working in a garden surrounded by houses, in comparison to non directional ant.?
    Apologies for asking so much, it’s just that the clip on ant. are much cheaper than high gain, and i’m on a tight student budget.

  4. Maybe I should also add that ca. 20% of the time the network just disappears or gets unusable altogether. Maybe this is when loads of people log in, maybe they had techn. network problems. – Will an antenna also help getting the uper hand in the competition for signal with my neighbours (so to say)?

  5. I have a Orange dongle, Model GI02255 have you a strong antenna for this as I have a very week signal?

  6. Hi PJ,

    It’s near impossible to say how much difference either of these antennas will make to the signal you get on your dongle as there are so many factors that can affect/reduce your signal.

    High gain will make the biggest difference, but will need to point at the o2 mast – set up should only be a couple of minutes at the most, as long as you know which direction the mast is. The more buildings and structures between your antenna and the mast, the more likely it is that your signal will be reduced, although it will still be stronger than it would be with out it.

    The best advice I can give really is try one, if it doesn’t do what you want return it under our 30 day money back guarantee

  7. No – the antenna wont give you priority over other users as who gets what is determined by the network.

  8. Hi Sue, I can’t find any record of that model anywhere. Can you double check to see if that’s the right one?

    This post shows you where to find the model number: http://www.mobilefun.co.uk/blog/2009/03/how-to-boost-your-mobile-broadband-3g-signal/

  9. Hi Andy,

    What do u mean by a dongle.


  10. Sorry, Dongle is another name for the 3G USB Modem

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