25 responses to “Setting up Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo mail on your Samsung Tocco

  1. Thanks Andy,

    Tried this but still not working. I am not entirely sure it is the email settings that are the problem. I get connection errors when trying to use widgets like Facebook but it works OK if I access Facebook using the browser bookmark. Think I’m going to take it back to the shop unless anyone has any other ideas.

  2. It sounds like your phone might be using the wrong profiles then for email and widgets, I’ve not got the phone in front of me, but in your email settings, you should have an option to change the profile – make sure that its set to the same one as your internet browser – might be called xxx wap or xxx internet or xxx gprs

  3. That’s it! My browser was using talkmob wap but my email settings were set to Vodafone. Same for the widgets.

    Thanks for all your help. Saved me a trip down to Carphone Warehouse!


  4. hi, there,

    Does anybody have an idea for the smtp settings for talk mobile?

    i tried using send.vodafone.net and it says sent. but they never arrive!

    any ideas? or any ideas why it might say sent but not arrive?


  5. thanks worked for me tocco lite . ( hotmail)_cheers

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