Use a USB Swivel Adapter to Protect your 3G Dongle

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I’m sure that we’ve all had moments where we’ve been disconnected from our wireless network because we’ve knocked our 3G Dongles. I know I’ve lost information when a memory stick I’ve been transferring data onto gets nudged and loses connection with my laptop.  It’s getting better as dongles and memory sticks are getting smaller, but with most flash pens and USB modems still sticking out of the side of our laptops, accidents are bound to happen.

As I was reading my news feeds I noticed that Mobile Fun have just released a USB Swivel adapter – a simple little adapter that sits between your Dongle or memory stick and laptop and can be adjusted through 360 degrees so that your dongle doesn’t get in the way.

Mobile Broadband Modem in USB Swivel Adapter

Mobile Broadband Modem in USB Swivel Adapter

The Swivel adapter is extremely small and can easily be carried around with your laptop or netbook and are ideal if you’re frequently using your laptop where the working area around your laptop/netbook is limited (such as airplane tray tables, small coffee shop tables, etc.)

As well as helping to protect your Broadband dongles and Flash Memory pens agains accidental damage, the USB Swivel adapter can be used to make USB ports easier to access on your Desktop PC and games consoles too.

Head over to the mobile fun site for more information on the USB Swivel Adapter.


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