Top 10 Nokia E52 & E55 Accessories

The Nokia E52 and the E55 are the latest E-Series smartphones and have both been introduced to replace the popular Nokia E51. The E52 and E55 are almost identical, they both larger screens, faster processors and more memory than their predecessor, with the only difference between them being the keypad. The Nokia E52 retains the classic 1-9 numbered keypad and gains a new row of shortcut keys, where as the E55 has a brand new “half qwerty” keypad that promises faster text entry than using the standard T9 predictive texting.

To really make the most of your new E-Series smart phone, there are a number of accessories you can get. Choosing the right one accessories can be a bit of a mission as there are so many to choose from. To try and help you decide for you I’ve compiled a list of 10 accessories that I’d recommend for the Nokia E52 and E55.

1. Martin Fields Screen Protector
The last thing you’re going to want to do the the screen of your new phone is scratch it. When I bought my N82 last year I managed to gouge a nice chunk out of the screen within an hour of having it, but back then I’d not really heard of screen protectors. Martin Fields are the just about the best quality screen protector you can get for your phone. They’re precision cut to size and can be removed easily and leave no residue behind. They claim that they’rere-usable too, so if it ever gets dirty, just take it off, run it under the tap and re-fit it. I tried this and found it didn’t stick too well and I ended up with a lof of dust and bubbles under the screen.

Martin Fields E52 Screen Protector

A Screen Protector is the best way to stop your screen getting damaged

2. Nokia CP-371
The Nokia CP-371 is a compact leather pouch for the Nokia E52 & E55. It has a microfibre lining that cleans your phone each time it is inserted or removed and helps prevent scratches to your screen and camera lens. It’s a universal case that will fit pretty much any phone and is available in Dark Grey or White.

Nokia CP 371 for E52

Nokia CP 371 Carry Case for the E55 & E52

3. ToughGuard Shells
ToughGuard Shields are a similar to Crystal Cases but they are a bit stronger (although not much). Rather than being made from clear plastic, they are made from a more flexible, “energy absorbing” polycarbonate. This means that the case is less likely to break or shatter if you drop your phone and impact damage will be diverted away from your phone. ToughGuard Shields don’t cover the screen, so it could still get damaged, so I’d suggest using this kind of case with a screen protector. These cases are a bit tricky to get off once they’re on, so if you’re forever taking your battery or sim out of your phone I’d look for a different case.

4. FlexiShield Skins
Shiny metal covers on phones always look great, especially on the Nokia E52 and E55 but they will get scratched easily. FlexiShield Skins are thicker than Silicone Cases and protect the back and sides of your phone. They’ve got a non slip feel to them and they leave the camera free for you to take your photos. Like most cases, it doesn’t cover the screen so a screen protector might be a good idea.

5. Nokia BH-606 Bluetooth Headset
The E52 and E55 are both good looking phones, so you’ll want a good looking Bluetooth headset to go with them. The Nokia BH-606 is exactly that. It’s incredibly thin and weighs just 14 grams. Battery life is great too with upto 8 hours talk time and 280 hours standby. As with all Nokia Bluetooth Headsets, the BH-606 supports Voice dialling, last number redial and call waiting.

Nokia BH 606 for E52

Nokia BH 606 for E52 & E55

6. SanDisk 16GB Micro SD HC Memory Card
Internal memory on the phone isn’t great, so using a Memory Card will allow you to store even more documents, music, photos and videos on your phone. Email attachments and files will take up valuable space, so more memory is a must. A SanDisk MicroSDHC 16GB memory card will let you store over 15000 high quality photos, 3000 songs or 80 hours of video. If 16GB is too much, 8GB cards are just as readily available at a lot less money. View all Nokia E52 & E55 Memory Cards at

SanDisk 8GB Micro SDHC Card

SanDisk 8GB Micro SDHC Card

7. Nokia DC-6 Nokia Car Charger
The Nokia E52 & E55 are great for taking photos, checking your email, watching videos and using Nokia Maps as your Sat Nav system – but as with every other smartphone, any application that relies on an internet connection will drain your battery. Both handsets use the now standard Micro USB charger, so any older Nokia chargers won’t work with them. This DC-6 Car Charger will charge any Micro USB device including phones and Bluetooth Headsets. View more Nokia E52 & E55 Chargers

Nokia E52 Car Charger

Nokia DC-6 Car charger for the E52 & E55

8. Nokia CR-99 Car Holder
The E52 and E55 can be used in the car either as a music player, Sat Nav or just for calls and the safest and easiest way to mount it in the car is with the Nokia Cr-99. It’s a universal holder that keeps all the charging ports clear on your phone and the bottom support has a holder for your car charger. The CR-99 can be screwed to your dash or used with the HH-12 Suction mount to stick it to your windscreen. If you don’t want to screw into your dashboard, you can use a Brodit Proclip. These are damage free brackets that clip onto your dashboard and provide a solid base for fixing holders on to.

Nokia CR-99 for E52

Nokia Car Holder for the E52

9. Nokia Maps
Nokia Maps is an application that most people dismiss as poor quality and expensive, but it’s neither of these things. Having used Nokia maps for over 12 months now, I find it to be a simple easy to use navigation tool that I wouldn’t want to be with out. You can use Nokia Maps straight out of the box for free of charge route planning & tracking and to find nearby places of interest. If you want voice guidance, then you will need to buy a license, you can do this through the handset (for around £60) or you can buy the same 12 month license from mobile fun for around £40.

Nokia Maps on the E52

Nokia Maps on the E52

10. Nokia CK-300 Car Kit
The Nokia CK-300 is a true multimedia car kit. As well as working brilliantly for handsfree calling, the CK-300 also streams your music and navigation audio through your car stereo using Bluetooth. A small simple control pad allows you to control music playback, volume and navigation instructions. To really make the most of your E52/E55 and the CK-300 you can download and install the free Car Menu Application. The Car Menu application will turn your phone into an integral part of your car kit with easy, handsfree access to your calls, contacts, music, and maps. In addition, the Car Menu application lets you access text and email messages without having to touch the phone. With Car Menu you don’t need to read your emails as the CK-300 will read them out to you! You just need to scroll to the message you want to hear, press the green button, roll to ‘listen’ and press the dial and it will start reading the message out to you – a fantastic feature if you’re out on the road all day and base your workload or plan your day from emails that you receive. If you want more information on the differences between all the Nokia Car Kits, take a look at my guide to Nokia Car Kits.

Nokia CK 300 for E52

Nokia CK 300 for E52

Hopefully there’s something in this list that will suit most your needs, but if not, head over to the mobile fun site where there are hundreds more!


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