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How to find your Nokia Model Number

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Nokia have the largest handset range of handsets out of all of the mobile phone manufacturers and I’ve recently started to think that most of their handsets are all looking pretty similar. While it’s nice that Nokia phones all have the same look and feel, it does make finding the right accessories for your Nokia phone a bit tricky – especially if you don’t know the model number of your phone.

Nokia have tried to keep it relatively simple over the years by dividing their handsets up in to ‘series’ or ranges. I’d say that the most well known range is the more recent N-Series, but every one of their handsets belong to a series of handsets whether it be 1000 series, 2000 series etc, where the series is determined by the first digit of the model number. Interestingly they’ve never done any phones starting with a 4 – anyone know why?

This short guide will show you a few quick and easy ways to work out which Nokia phone you have.

Check your phone

Some phones have the model number printed above the screen

Nokia N96 Model number printed above screen

This might seem like a really obvious thing to suggest, but some Nokia handsets will have their model number printed on the housing somewhere. ┬áIf you have bought your Nokia direct from your network, you may find that the model number has been replaced with the networks logo. If this is the case – try the next step:

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